Dr. Joyce R. Aryee

“In the race of life, some fall and glory in their fallen state. Others fall, make excuses, or seek pity for their condition. When the righteous fall however, they get up strengthened by their God and keep moving on. Six More Chances inserts a forgotten arithmetic clause into our spiritual lives and reminds us that with God, what matters is not that we fall, but that we take Him up on the additional chances He offers to us to succeed. In the language of this book, ‘Don’t just stay down and fallen. Get up and keep moving!’ This book is a must read for everyone who feels the sting of past and present failures and longs for a way out of the pain.”

Dr. Joyce R. Aryee, Founder & Director, Salt and Light Ministries

Jerry Stevens

“Let me give you just two reasons why you should read Six More Chances. First, only someone who has failed—and failed big-time—is really qualified to write a book that takes a topic such as Failure and somehow magically transforms the mundane into something truly sublime. Second, every single person on this terrestrial globe can relate to what it means to fail at something, sometime or other. That is humankind’s lot. But it is a rare individual indeed that can extract beauty out of the bitter ashes of abject failure and defeat. Dr. Pipim, in relating his own bitter experience with failure, is uniquely qualified to address the topic. He’s been on the mountaintop, in the abyss of the deepest despair, and is on his way back up toward Zion’s hill. Join him, not only as you see yourself somewhere in this remarkable book, but also as you rise to the top. Someone is waiting for us up there with open arms!”

Jerry Stevens, Former Editor, Christian Record Services

Dr. Edna Andrews Rose

“In an environment where there are so many people whose lives are helpless and hopeless in dealing with failures and rejection, Dr. Pipim presents a reminder that is so readily forgotten in today’s task-driven culture. In Six More Chances, he unveils his soul into the reader’s heart and provides joy in the midst of sorrow, hope in the times of despair and peace to the brokenhearted. Simple yet complex, conceptual and practical, Six More Chances encourages introspection and incremental development to becoming the person God would have you be. It’s written by an author who speaks from the Word of God to shift the paradigm from failure to success. This excellent and thought-provoking work offers an innovative approach that speaks for itself. A must-read for those who have felt despondency after failure, this book explains that there is another chance, in fact more than ‘Six More Chances.’ The author learns of God’s restorative process of healing and hope, which he very eloquently shares with the reader. In sum, Six More Chances dispenses potent medicine for those who have experienced failure and are in need of healing and restoration.”

Dr. Edna Andrews Rose, Clinical Nurse Consultant, Department of Neurology, The University of Michigan

Dr. Owen A. Roberts

“The book Six More Chances is a thesis about the joys and tears of failure, the hope and aspiration to succeed, the darkness and light of success in failure, and a journey of one whom, in his walk with the almighty, lost his footing and slipped for a moment.  However, He who leads the way and is the Way extends mercy and grace for the faltering soul and lifts him up to newer heights than ever before.


“It seems that success and failure are inextricably linked as long as we are in this sinful life.  Both are the result of a series of choices linked by a chain of consequences that leads to two different ends.  One sweet, while the other bitter.  Nonetheless, both can be the fuel for the other.  Success may come from failure and failure from success.  The sweeping references made of individuals across the spectrum of time, from the beginning of time (Adam and Eve), through ancient times (e.g., Moses) to contemporary times (e.g., Steve Jobs), give a flavor of the human dilemma with our encounter with sin and grace.


“The author has brought out of the shadows, in his book Six More Chances, a compelling yet provocative argument for Hope and Perseverance in the trials of life as we travel this Christian pathway to the place of ultimate success and to the One who has made it possible.  The perspectives of the author are refreshing and inspiring and the diligent reader will find lasting treasures for the soul, but be cautious not to fail in reading with a spiritual eye.”

Owen A. Roberts, Ph.D., Associate Superintendent, St.Lucie County Public Schools, Florida, U.S.A.

Dr Bisi Obadofin

Six More Chances is a life-changing book that speaks to both the child and the adult. An African proverb says, ‘when a child falls down he looks forward unconsciously, but when an adult falls down he instinctively looks backward.’ This proverb simply means that in a fall, a child seeks to know how to take better steps in the future, while the adult seeks to know what caused the fall. Both the child and the adult are looking for important lessons that can transform their failures into success. It is in this respect that this book in your hands speaks to the child and to the adult.


“Failure is part of life; but so is success. When the Word of God says “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,” it is speaking about universal human failure. And when it says “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just toforgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness,” it is pointing to the reality of success after failure. The author of Six More Chances masterfully explains these biblical concepts in a language that can be readily understood by all, using his personal experience as a backdrop.


“It takes courage and resolute faith to write a book that takes fear out of failure—even the failure of hope, health, and life itself! This insightful yet easy-to-read work will greatly benefit both the religious and non-religious.” Six More Chances is very comprehensive, and yet can also give birth to many more future titles on failure. Hopefully, this will not be the author’s last work on the subject.


“Lastly, it was with great pleasure that I read the Postscript to the book. I’m sure that informed readers will identify with this kind of reflection from an African woman who is intimately acquainted with the author. At last, she did speak from the heart! Readers will gain a lot from how she gracefully dealt with her share of successes and failures. The Postscript alone is worth the price of the book. From it, I learn that our hope lies in the all-encompassing love of a God who sees all our failures, and yet loves us enough to clean us up and set us back on the track to success. What a loving God!!!”

Dr. Bisi Obadofin, Associate Professor, Counseling Psychology, Lagos State University

Dan Hall

“This is a great book! God has blessed the author’s ability to communicate with others through written words. Dr. Pipim has taken a subject we all face often in our lives and has offered encouragement to get up and start over again. That is the gospel in terms many will be able to identify with! The greatest lesson is to keep our eyes on Jesus! Thank you for the book. I will be getting many copies to share with members here.”

Dan Hall, Pastor, Georgia-Cumberland Conference, Georgia

Julia Chappelle-Thomas

“Habakkuk 3:19 comes to mind when I reflect on my reading of Dr. Pipim’s latest project Six More Chances: Success in the Midst of Failure.


The Lord God is my strength, my personal bravery, and my invincible army; He makes my feet like hinds’ feet and will make me to walk [not to stand still in terror, but to walk] and make [spiritual] progress upon my high places [of trouble, suffering, or responsibility] (The Amplified Bible).


“A wondrous work is done when a brother and sister in Christ witness to His grace and mercy in their marriage, express and demonstrate obedience to His call to spread the Good News, and act on the commission to bring comfort to others who are in their own spiritual journeys.


“It is my pleasure to recommend this work, which has been inspired as God has worked His tremendous healing in the lives of Dr. and Mrs. Pipim. May all who read it find release from bondage of yesterday’s sin, through God’s mighty work of healing. May those who suffer find the hope that only God can give, through others who have walked the stony path to the foot of the cross, where they, in humble supplication, have received forgiveness for their sins. May all who seek Him, in faith and obedience, find that they are washed by the blood of the Lamb, Who died to save us all from our sins.”

Julia Chappelle-Thomas, Editorial Consultant, Missouri

Paul Ogaga

“Only a man who has been delivered from the bottom can rightly tell how it is down there, and how to get out. But we do not want to talk about our failures because it quarantines us from what we all crave so much—the adulation and applause of the world. Many therefore lack the will to move on because they have failed and cannot talk about it. The author has, through his latest book, used the painful privilege of having been down there to lead souls who have failed back to God.


“Dr. Pipim offers Six More Chances, a product of his bitter experience, as a stepping-stone out of the dark, for all who share a similar experience. It is a must-read for everyone struggling with failure. And quite frankly, that’s all of us.”

Paul Ogaga, Realtor; CEO, Estarpal NIG Ltd., & President, ALIVE Nigeria

Janet Oyende

“I have been down that hard road before. All of us, this side of heaven, can relate with the failure hitch on this road of life. This rare book offers invaluable insights to ‘scale up the wall’ of failure.


“With credulous honesty and candid openness, Dr. Pipim reveals his personal failure and fearlessly tackles our unspoken giants that gnaw on our personal, relational, spiritual and other aspects of life. Undoubtedly, I have chanced upon a book that is not only needful but timely in this day and age where the unwritten rule is that, we must be successful and there is no room for failure. This book speaks loudly to those of us hamstrung on the humdrum routine of life, paralyzed by yesterday’s failures and afraid of tomorrow’s uncertainties.


“Reading this book was like stopping by an oasis of today’s desert experiences. The author points all readers to the Fountain of Life by weaving and blending through Bible texts, spirit of prophecy, personal life lessons and a great many quotes and illustrations from contemporary men of old and of today. Our merciful God, truly gives ‘beauty for ashes, strength for fear, gladness for mourning, peace for despair.’ You gotta read Six More Chances”!

-Janet Oyende, ICT Lecturer, Strathmore University

Wame Sausau

“This is a must read book for those who have experienced failure, and who hasn’t? Dr. Pipim writes as someone who’s gone through the experience of the ‘grave’ and come out ‘alive’, scarred but alive nevertheless, beyond the grave of failure and defeat. As such he is able to sympathize with and speak with authority to those who have faced or are facing similar heart-rending experiences. As with his previous inspirational works, Dr. Pipim writes from the heart. All will benefit from this insightful work. I will be keeping my copy close at hand as I do my pastoral visitations.


“Each chapter can be a stand-alone work, dealing with different aspects of the subject, but also enriching it. The first and the third chapter by themselves are worth the price of the book. I wish it the success similar to the author’s Patience in the Midst of Trials and Afflictions and Gordon MacDonald’s Rebuilding Your Broken World. “Thank you so much again for this work. I wish it the widest circulation.”

-Wame Sausau, Pastor & General Secretary, Fiji Mission of SDAs