Through published works, testimonies, poems, and music, TheWoundedEagleBooks.com website is dedicated to providing a transformative approach to failure. The goal of the site is to assure all that none need be discouraged on account of failure, for there’s always life after failure.



While failure is not necessarily the most popular subject, it is one to which we all need to pay attention. Why? Because we all can relate to some of its different expressions: financial failures, marriage or relationship failures, academic failures, business failures, professional failures, health failures, spiritual failures, and others.


Works promoted on TheWoundedEagleBooks.com site are dedicated to the belief that when failure (in all its forms) occurs, it needs not be dreaded to the point of despair, nor treated as an outcast in a pit of discouragement. Through the enabling grace of God, we can all overcome our failures.




The Eagle is used as a symbol of excellence—academic, professional, and spiritual. Thus, the eagle metaphor is employed to challenge all to live to their highest God-given potential and to soar above the “chicken” predicaments of the day. However, when, through our own misjudgments, attitudes, choices, and actions, we fall short of the “eagle” ideal, we become “wounded eagles.”


By means of the published works, testimonies, poems, and music on TheWoundedEagleBooks.com site we aim at: (a) helping soaring eagles to avoid inflicting wounds upon themselves and others, and (b) assisting wounded eagles to experience true healing. The ultimate goal of TheWoundedEagleBooks.com is to inspire and encourage all to soar like eagles—God’s eagles.

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